City of Sanctuary Dublin

September 2014 we attended the Launch of City of Sanctuary Dublin which is a global movement to build a culture of hospitality and inclusion for people seeking sanctuary.

(CoS) is an international movement to foster a culture of welcoming to those seeking refuge and safety in Ireland, the UK and the EU. (CoS) challenges misinformation, dispel stereotypes and myths, and break barriers by bringing people together.

CoS is working to build hospitality and inclusion for people seeking protection. The aim is to create a network of places and spaces throughout the Dublin area that are proud to be places of safety and which include people seeking protection by fostering participation in the daily life of their communities.

The goal is to forge links a between individuals, organisations, groups, communities and commercial enterprises thereby creating a network with a shared ethos.

If you would like to get involved and be apart of this movement or just find out a bit more, information can be found here:

City of Sanctuary Dublin on Facebook.