Davina Brady and The Messengers

Lisa Haskins speaks with Davina Brady on her journey with music and how it has led her to her band ‘Davina Brady and The Messengers.

Davina a child of creativity, “the arts have always had a strong hold, began once I knew I could, life wouldn’t be life to me without it”.

A Mixture of voices all complementing each other, songs written to suit while emphasis is placed on vocal conversation in some kind of weird way.  “My voice is very much part of me and not just a mere tool but an agent of my body and soul”.

Davina sings acoustic for us, listen and enjoy!

‘Davina displays all the talent of a fine songwriter
and a singer with a big voice of Alison Moyet
meets Kate Bush potential’ ( – Hot Press)

To learn more about ‘Davina Brady and The Messegers’ you find them on facebook.