Platforming People

Well hello there! Monday has arrived with a rainy start but knowing our beautiful country, the sun will come through, Hopefully!

Great start of the week for the couple who kick started the Bray Air Display with a romantic marriage proposal to an estimated 80,000 people to attending along with the continuing highlight of the show, by the Patrouille Suisse, the acrobatic flying branch of the Swiss Airforce.

Its being reported that Scientists are on the cusp of 11 discoveries that will transform the world! Also stating our smartphones are more powerful computers than the Apollo 11 mission to the moon used, scary to think how fast we are technically advancing, a century ago this would all be completely unimaginable.  NASA’s ‘New Horizons mission to & beyond Pluto,  how exciting Star Trek is becoming real!

Lucky escape, Mick Fanning professional surfer who fought off a shark on live TV, Sunday gone in South Africa, must of been the luck of the Irish, with a name like that!

There must be a few sore heads in Ireland after another successful weekend for the award winning Festival ‘Longitude’ especially if you watch the video of one extremely energetic lad dancing his life out in the TXFM tent, if this wouldn’t  make you want to be there.


Platforming People!