Week Begins With!

Hi setv.ie Peeps, It’s the start of the week and here is how its begun!

R.I.P Bobbi Kristina Brown daughter of the late Whitney Houston passing away at just 22.

People are loving the three lads, Irish dance at UCC have brought Irish dancing to a new hip level. The video under the title ‘Irish Dancing Collaboration’ and choreographer Kieran Hardiman teamed up with dancers Alan Kenefick & Ciaran Plummer.  The video is set to the iconic speech by Charlie Chaplin on Freedom & Uniting from the movie The Great Dictator along with the techno music of Mind of a Beast by the Glitch Mob, Check it out! It will get you powered up for the week ahead.

A new survey from Thinkhouse, the youth communications agency, has shown the average individual clocks up 102 minutes on-line per day.  Economically speaking, Irish youth seem optimistic about the country’s future and more encouragingly was that on a ranking of things to worry about, the job market has left top spot with data privacy taking over with a 79% expressing concern about it.

The latest on Technology is a computer monitor that can wirelessly charge your phone while you work.  The charger is built into the base of the SE370, a 1080p computer from Samsung, so the Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and a number of modern smartphones are able to be charged this way, So cool and easy.

Now for the weather, even though I am sitting beside a lit fire on the 27th of July, So Irish!           It is to be Partly Sunny with showers of temperatures reaching 17 degrees, Tuesday, Wednesday along with intermittent clouds on thursday.

kind regards setv.ie

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