Meteor To hit South East Tonight!

SETV.IE #PlatformingPeople, Yes you read the title right folks! Last night we witnessed a rare, total lunar eclipse, the red blooded moon, next one to happen Dec 2029! Apparently it has been leaked from top officials in the Irish National Weather service, that a meteor is heading towards the south-eastern coast and if they don’t burn up in our atmosphere before landing, they have the potential to cause damage! It sounds all so exciting but always be on the safe side and keep a good old eye out!

Peeps you may also check out the video ‘Sky Ladder using Fireworks! A Chinese artist created to mark his grandmothers 100th birthday. Watched it felt a slight bit of shame, do you think 85 scarf’s all tied together outside her local supermarket or church would be sufficient!

The power of social media proves again because of modern technology, a young Ohio couple posted photos of themselves with the thousands of dollars they stole from a bank on facebook. Need we say more, look forward to Americas dumbest criminals, next show.

Are you a iPhone worshipper or a Galaxy fan? Square Trade put Apple’s new iPhones under sever testing the weekend, they got dunked, dropped, bent and frozen in an extensive durability test on the iphone 6s and 6s Plus and comparing the results to Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5. Whatever the result, how much for the latest communication gimmick accessories please, thank you very much!

Enjoy the week ahead folks and view SETV.IE for music, culture and iWonder’s