Spoonful of Sugar!

SETV.IE #PlatformingPeople, The sequel to Mary Poppins has been announced, Hollywood love sequels, the response on social media seems mixed but sure it’s for the Kids. A photographer with National Geographic, Trevor Frost caught an amazing video of a crocodile slowly moving from side to side with the use of its tail, for its spoonful of sugar!

A current study from the OECD stated ‘that computers are making children less intelligent, through the use of computers in the classroom not necessarily being good thing. Ireland produced the lowest level of computer usage. ‘May the force be with you’ Star Wars is being filmed in Ireland on Skellig Michael off the coast of South Kerry. They are shooting for the opening scenes of Star Wars Episode V11, The island is closed off to the public. Computer usage this week might rise through the use of social media for updates and cast photos if caught.

The Blackstairs Blues festival in Enniscorthy Co. Wexford the weekend gone was a success, until next year!

The weather for the week ahead is showing showers and cloudy with temperatures reaching 16 degrees.

Enjoy your week SETV.IE Peeps!