Open Mic Info & X Factors Backlash!

SETV.IE #PlatformingPeople, The ‘X Factor’ has come under scrutiny after Sunday’s show, with the ‘Six Chair Challenge’. Contestant Monica Michael saying, “Is this not hell on earth? while waiting, on insecure hope for her chair, some of the contestants lost their chair in a brutal manner, charged on by the audience. Viewers took to twitter describing it as evil and not fun for everyone, including the judges, as Rita Ora, got up from her seat, went up to the stage and hugged the devastated contestants.

Found this very informative link on all ‘Open Mic’ nights in Dublin with numbers to ring and details on what to do.

Good man, Daniel O’Donnell has made it to next weeks episode of Strictly Come Dancing, You got your wish Daniel with his song ‘I Just Want to Dance With You’.

Make way for the latest in being laid to rest, Italian Design duo Anna Citelli and Raoul Bretzel with the ‘Capsula Mundi’ project, propose burying the dead in an environmentally friendly egg-shaped capsule which will be planted in the ground like a giant seed. Allowing a tree to blossom, resulting in a beautiful forest and no tombstones. Italian law prohibits natural burials but the project will be featured at the TED Conference and will surely spark conversation.

The iPhone 7 is to be exceptionally thin and the worry is will your earphones fit? We’ll make them fit!

Hope your all having a good week folks, view #PlatformingPeople