Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Nintendo’s newest Zelda game, was released on the Wii U and the Switch – Nintendo’s newest zeldaconsole – on the 3rd of March. Most agree, that it’s the best game in the series so far. As of now it has a 97% score on Meta-critic and while I agree, that it is an amazing game. I think 97% is a massive overstatement.

The story is pretty much what you’d expect from a Nintendo game: princess gets captured, you must save her. The game has a backstory but it’s mostly just a token gesture and doesn’t add much. The game is also the first in the series to have a full voice-acting, a long overdue feature. Unfortunately, the voice-acting ranges from mediocre to awful. The dialogue is also not great at times. However, Zelda games have never been about the story; gameplay has always been their main draw.zelda 2

The game has many obvious positives. The overworld puts every prior Zelda game to shame by being bigger and granting more freedom than ever before. Within about three hours of play, the entire world is available. The game also has more content, with five dungeons, 120 mini-dungeons – or shrines as they’re called – over 150 different weapons and 901 hidden collectables.

The game, while on larger scale than previous titles, does a worse job at basic things. The combat is a huge step down from previous games, going from motion controls to button mashing.  Also runs at a measly 30 frames-per-second, half the current standard. Even at that,zelda 3 the game often lags. The only workaround is to download the game on PC, which unfortunately is completely illegal. On top of that the 901 collectables are far too much. After only a few dozen they become tedious to collect. The last few hundred don’t even give any reward. This makes fully completing the game not worthwhile.

Overall, Breath of the Wild, is a great game that is revolutionary for the series. But, it’s not the perfect masterpiece the world makes it out to be. It struggles with too many fundamental things like framerate and combat for that title. It’s still definitely worth playing and an easy recommendation.

By Dean Copeland