Murder on the Orient Express

They say nothing under the sun is new, that it’s all been done before, and the plethora of reboots, remakes and continuations of classic films has held true to this and… I’ve said all this murder_on_the_orient_express_cast_2before. Oh no, now I’m doing it. Anyway, Agatha Christie’s crime caper classic (I love alliteration), The Murder on the Orient Express starring the famous Belgian detective Hercule Poirot, retold with an all star cast and a fresh coat of paint.

Beginning in Jerusalem 1934, Poirot (Kenneth Branagh, who also directs) stopping the theft of a priceless relic, all by deducing the thief’s identity by a single crack on a wall. Poirot then proceeds to depart for Istanbul and from there catch the Orient Express to Europe. While getting settled for the long journey, he is approached by businessman Edward Ratchet (Johnny Depp), a mobster who made a fortune selling counterfeit art work, and a few enemies. Ratchet offers to hire Poirot for protection but Poirot declines, being a man of strong moral fiber. Next morning, an avalanche derails the train and Ratchet is found murdered in his room.Murder-on-the-Orient-Express-poster-1

On shows like CSI or Law and Order, you can bet if there is a famous guest star, they are the killer. With that in mind, this particular remake has many big names to keep you guessing who the killer is (unless you already know, in which case, spoiler sport). So who are our celebrity murder suspects? (Which sounds like a reality show being waited to be made).

*deep breath* Miss Mary Debenham (Daisy Ridley) a governess, a doctor named Arbuthnot (Leslie Odom Jr.) whom Mary has some relationship with, Biniamino Marquez (Manuel Garcia murder 3Ruflo) a self-made immigrant, Hector McQueen(Josh Gad) who was Ratchets accountant and Edward Henry Masterman( Derek Jacobi) , Ratchet’s butler. Socialite Caroline Hubbard (Michelle Pfeiffer), Russian royalty Princess Dragomiroff (Judi Dench) and Austrian engineer Gerhard Hardman (Willem Dafoe). * pant* Oh and nurse turned missionary Pilar Estravades (Penelope Cruz). * fighting for breath*

By Daniel Murphy