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Pete Kennedy

Pete Kennedy, Nashville based recording artist from Birr Co. Meath.  Pete is an award winning Screenshot 2017-03-14 19.03.23Country Music singer came in and hung out in the studio recently with Róisín Williams on playing this years ‘Harvest Country Music Festival’ in August

He performed his most successful single ‘Crazy Country Girl’ hit link and hear about Pete’s journey.

SETV.IE #PlatformingPeople

Golden 50th Strawberry & Street Rhythms Events!

This year is the Golden 50th Strawberry Fair Festival, one of the countries longest running enniscorthy-strawberry-rhythms-logorural town Festival!  Celebrating the harvest of Strawberries with Wheelock fruits, Enniscorthy.  The Strawberry Fair has joined forces with Enniscorthy Street Rhythms and Dance Festival along with The Strawberry Roots Festival filling up most public venues with over 30 free gigs!!!!!

Fabulous Fundraisers to Attend the Glitz & Glam fundraiser, hosted FacesbyGrace and Dominique Nugent. The ladies will run us through detailed night time and daytime hair and makeup looks. Runaway Bride and Millinery Madness will showcase their latest pieces toglitz and glam their collections. Goody bags will be provided for all guests attending. The night will finish with a Q & A session from both Grace and Dominique. A night not to be missed!  held in the Riverside Park Hotel, Enniscorthy on Thursday May 31st from 8pm – 11pm tickets available on the Strawberry Festival facebook link page 

As most people from Enniscorthy know the Title of the Strawberry Queen is a traditional honor and being crowned this years 50th Strawberry Queen will be history made.  The SF committee are contacting past SF Queen winners to attend the ‘Golden Strawberry Fair Ball’ along with other events they have lined up.  The SF Golden Ball will be held in the Riverside Park Hotel on Wednesday May 31st with a 4 course meal along with local band Wrecking Ball performing and late night DJ, keep an eye out on the SF Facebook and all local papers for updates.

Thursday 1st of June the ‘Mad Hatter’ Race Night at the dog track will be a competitive affair. Milliners from the South East will sponsor a princess with a head piece for a cash prize, along with spot prizes for best dress hat for the public of all age groups so get crafting or dusting. sponsored by Enniscorthy Greyhound Company.  Also on the night Glenbrien primary school will also be hosting a benefit night to buy tickets contact

50th Festival Opening Ceremony on Friday June 2nd

Will be held in the Market Place at 7pm.  Jimmy Gahan will MC on the evening along with formerbrochure RTÉ News Presenter and Wexford Ambassador Anne Doyle.  They will both be reliving memories of previous festivals with past winning Queens, there will be a performance from the Street Rhythms along with the winning act from the Strawberry Pub Talent Competition followed by The Gentlemen Callers.  Also, The Strawberry Roots Festival will be taking place in Pubs throughout the town

Saturday 2nd 

Enniscorthy Street Rhythms will be entertaining in the Market Square from 12 – 6pm with lots of jojk_willy_wonka_golden_ticket_tin_signfun and colorful acts for families.  Craft stalls will be located on Rafter Street.  Abbey Square will host Vintage amusements including a Carousel vintage car showand Ferris Wheel.  Take a stroll along the Promenade and enjoy the sights of the Vintage Car Show.

On the Main Stage in the Market Square from 7pm – 8pm this years Strawberry Princesses will be interviewed followed by Corner boy at 8.30pm – 10.30pm.  Continued entertainment with the Strawberry Roots in most Pubs.

Sunday 4th 

Enniscorthy Street Rhythms from 12.30 – 6pm will take place in Enniscorthy Castle & grounds,jojk_willy_wonka_golden_ticket_tin_sign Castle Street, Rafter Street, Market Square.  1.30 – 3pm Jazz and Swing performance by Paris Swing.  So much fun for the kids and family at 5pm winners who found the golden ticket in local businesses will be announced to Join Willy Wonka and his fairytale friends by taking a journey through his factory.  So much more including bucking bronco, inflatable games, sumo suits, juggling, comedy, balancing acts and of course dancing.

Craft Stalls will be located on Rafter Street along with the All Ireland Farmers Market taking place in Abbey Square.  The crowning of the 50th Queen will take place at 8.00pm in the Market Square and then top the Festival off successful 80’s Wexford band ‘Cry Before Dawn‘ will perform with The Strawberry Roots throughout the Pubs.

Street closures will take place on the Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd June from 7.00pm to 12.00pmstrawberry roots 1 to cater for the music acts in the evening performing in the market square.  On Sunday the 4th  the evening street closures from 12.00pm to 24.00pm to cater for day time street events and evening music with a second closure on part of the promenade  from 12.00pm to 16.00pm to facilitate  the classic cars exhibit.

This will hopefully be a great 50th Strawberry Fair this year joined by Street Rhythms will be a great one.  The weather is to be warm with a few showers and the Sunday showing Sun.

Fast and Furious 8

If you thought driving a supercar between skyscrapers was the epitome of epic, you haven’t seen anything yet, as the F&F franchise shows no sign of slowing down with its 8th installment, making it perhaps the longest running movie series with a continuous cast that isn’t the Marvel cinematic universe.

SPOILERS AHEAD (not the car kind) fast 2

After their last adventure, Dom (Vin Diesel) and Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) are on their honeymoon in Havana. One day Dom is lured by a mysterious woman who reveals to know much about him and press gangs him into her services. So when Dom and Letty are called back into action by Luke Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) to secure a WMD, Dom under orders, betrays Hobbs and steals the device.

Hobbs is now in prison, and Dom seemingly gone rogue, Letty and the team, Roman (Tyrese Gibson), Tej (Chris Bridges) and Ramsey (Nathalie Emmanuel) are severely fractured and demoralised by the betrayal. When Mr. Nobody (Kurt Russell) breaks Hobbs out and gathers the team, he able to identify the woman who recruited Dom as the cyber terrorist Cipher (Charlize Theron). In order to hunt down Cipher, Nobody enlists the help of their old adversary Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham). So the Fast and Furious crew is teaming up with The Transporter to take down Imperator Furiosa. fast 3

Turns out that Cipher has been operating from behind the scenes for the last few movies, and this is where a lot a plot threads from the previous installment tie into this *deep breath*: Deckard’s brother Owen was hired by Cipher to acquire the Nightshade device in Fast 6, after that failed Cipher contacted Mose Jakande to kidnap Ramsey to obtain God’s Eye in Fast 7 but of course Dom and Brain put a stop to that as well. Cipher then decided to recruit Dom because he has foiled her plans twice now and she blackmails him into stealing Russian nuclear launch codes to re-activate a submarine and basically start World War 3, which is rather amusing because in ties into the whole apocalypse in Mad Max making my Furiosa remark much funny in hindsight, *gasping breath*.

Now if you could follow all of that, then congratulations you’re a true fan, but probably wondering what Cipher has got on Dom to coerce him into working for her. Well, *deeper breath*: between the 5th and 6th films Letty was presumed dead because Michelle Rodriguez has make a career out of being the butch girl who always dies, but not this time, she just had amnesia, but between the mentioned period of time Dom entered into a new relationship with a woman Elena Neves, a Brazilian cop who worked with Hobbs,*inhale*. When Letty re-surfaced and she and Dom were re-united, Elena and Dom parted ways and it was all very touching if a bit forced, but now it turns out that during the whole debacle Elena was pregnant with Dom’s kid and she didn’t say anything until Dom and Letty returned from their honeymoon, but then Cipher got to her and is holding both of them hostage to force Dom to do evil stuff,*exhale*.

fastBut enough about retcons and such, this film is terrific fun, even compared to the previous instalments, its bigger, faster, stronger, and genuinely funny, I’m surprised the scenery was still standing with all the bites taken out of it. Charlize Theron owns the show without even getting behind the wheel, and we see there is humanity to Deckard Shaw , and the ending leaves the door open for yet another sequel, well bring it on, this franchise ain’t getting tired . And last but not least, a nice little tribute to Paul Walker, Dom names his son Brian.

Kong: Skull Island Review

Monster movies, especially remakes, are very rarely done well. I didn’t expect a lot from Kong: kongSkull Island, just another remake of a character that’s been around for decades, never anything particularly special. While I wouldn’t go so far as to call this a ‘special’ movie, it is a solid piece of cinematic work. Kong is a thoroughly enjoyable and well-made monster blockbuster, and a very entertaining movie overall. Director Jordan Vogt Roberts does an amazing job of showcasing all the characters, along with integrating the theme of war throughout the plot of the movie.

The scene: it’s 1977 and the Vietnam War is coming to an end. Bill Randa, played by the wonderful John Goodman, a secret ops conspiracy theorist, convinces a senator to allow him to put together an expedition out to the remote Skull Island to try and find something that he believes lives there. Under the guise of a mapping crew, several scientists, an army escort, a lone former black ops agent and a photographer to document this journey set out for what could potentially be the discovery of a lifetime.

After their helicopters are attacked by Kong and they’re left stranded on the island, the group are separated, and must find their way to the north side of the island as fast as possible. One of the groups, including Conrad, the former black ops agent who now takes any job as long as the pay is good, played by Tom Hiddleston and Mason, the photographer whose aim is capture the photo of her life, (the classy Brie Larson) come across the local island tribe, where they met by Hank Marlow (the inimitable John C. Reilly), a man who has been marooned there since 1944, the end of WWII. Queue Hank joining their escapade to try and find his own way back home.tom til

Samuel L. Jackson plays Preston Packard, a Colonel who doesn’t know how to deal with life after the war. After Kong attacks them and kills several of his men, Packard becomes obsessed with destroying Kong, and slowly starts to become more and more unhinged as the movie progresses. Jackson plays crazy amazingly well, and is definitely one of the highlights.

However, John C. Reilly is the one who steals the show. His classic one liners, and ability to constantly keep the humour going throughout the movie make this piece a step above what it would have been if he wasn’t in it. Honestly, I love John C. Reilly. He’s just such a wonderful actor, and if he hadn’t been in it I wouldn’t have enjoyed it half as much.

Kong: Skull Island is not a life changing movie. There are no major surprises, but it is highly entertaining, extremely well made, and the acting is just phenomenal from an incredible cast. It has some amazing shots (the slow-mo helicopter one being one of my favourites) and a really great soundtrack, along with a solid storyline. It is what it is: a very enjoyable (with a slight B movie feel)

By Emma Morris

Talk to Tom QPR Course

I attended the (QPR) Suicide Prevention course, in Gorey recently and enlightened was an ed shearunderstatement.  I expected more of a conference room, with seated rows and a projector. These were all in place with a more relaxed and welcoming environment with CEO Ray Cullen at the door to meet you. Ray and his volunteers are behind the organisation ‘Talk to Tom’ based in Gorey.  I had heard him speak before of his personal experience with suicide and was inspired.

We were a small group of ten and Ray said we could finish early. I thought to myself, ‘we’ll be taught the basic signs to watch for and sure it’s good to take part’.  Ray began with his personal journey, from being an engineer in the early 90’s, to breaking his back because this is where Ray sees the beginning of how he became teaching QPR, meaning Question, Persuade and Refer.  When Ray got to the point of feeling that something had to be done after the loss of his nephew by suicide along with the discovering there was a huge gap in mental health services in North Wexford.

He got together with his family and within four months they had set up Talk to Tom in July 2012.  Ray travelled to Colorado in the US, to train and qualify in the course QPR, which was created by Paul Quinten.  QPR training was introduced in June 2013 and soon ran programmes for Wexford Marine Watch volunteers, RNLI, Garda Siochána, Coastguard members and various17475173_10154395588985222_1399789633_o sports clubs.  When you attend Ray’s training day, you will witness how his expert advice is sought after by any organisastion; in 2015, Ray was invited to Brussels to present the Talk to Tom model.

He explains in-depth of how your surrounding environment and your everyday belief system effects how you see that the world, based on learned behaviour and associations.  He reveals some shocking statistics of how 2016 was at its highest in completed suicides.  Also that over 500 people die by suicide a year, with 80% being male and 20% are female.

Ray asked us ‘how many we thought attempted suicide a year that end up in hospital’ and our highest guess was 5,000 people.  The truth was frightening, to learn that 12,500 people a year with the majority being 80% female and 20% male.  He further explains that suicide is the most preventative death and with the use of the right language, approach and learning the signs of someone who is in pain and suffering.  We participated in role play with each other and I found it very intense and emotional but extremely beneficiary and illuminating.

You do not just receive a Certificate in QPR, you receive a day of impact talk along with exercises17455212_10154395588980222_1378681251_o and interaction.  I did not expect to learn as much as we did in that one day. Every month they hold QPR classes along with parenting and more programmes to help people in crisis.  They are a community based funded orgainisation, you can find them on Facebook and they have a voluntary shop in Gorey, where you can visit any time Monday to Friday or become a QPR Gatekeeper.

By Róisín Williams


The Man Comes Around (Spoiler Free!)

When news of Logan first emerged, I was both excited and skeptical as apart from his inclusiondafne-keane-hugh-jackman-logan-600x350 in all the X-Men movies, Wolverine has been treated woefully and underappreciated in his solo outings. His solo movies have been a mismatch of horribly inaccurate back stories, disappointing action and one can only assume, studio pandering. They never really showed a movie audience the sheer veracity and anger that eats Wolverine alive. As the man has said himself, he is “the best at what he does, but what I do isn’t very nice.” And what is he exactly? He is an animal, a violent, feral beast that is trying to piece together his life, history and find his place in this world. None of this was depicted well in the past big screen adaptations but fear not James Mangold and Hugh Jackman have addressed these issues and so much more in the absolutely wonderful Logan.

The film opens with a visibly older Logan working as an Uber driver and generally looking like a beaten down man. After a fantastically violent interaction with some wannabe thieves, he takesprofessor x off and goes to pick up fares in his battered limousine. Why is he working as a driver? Well it’s been ten years since the Westchester incident and both Logan and Charles Xavier (a wonderfully frail yet still classy Patrick Stewart) are on the run and trying to keep low profiles with the help of Caliban (a heavily made up, yet still recognisable Stephen Merchant). They are all hiding out on the Mexican border. But Logan is soon spotted by a woman at a funeral. He ignores her and says he “can’t help her”.

The woman is desperate for his help as she is aware of the existence of a little girl (Dafne Keen is absolutely amazing here). She needs help and quickly as she is being pursued by The Reavers. A band of vicious mercenaries led by a wonderful Boyd Holbrook as the cyber armed boss man, Pierce. Not to give anything away, but Pierce is pretty desperate to get this little girl back. And this is where the movie picks up and settles into the awesome road western tone as Logan reluctantly straps on his boots and agrees to help transport the little girl and Xavier to a safe haven.

In a tonal shift from traditional superhero fare, the movie takes it’s time telling the story and lets the human emotion and struggle win out. Don’t get me wrong, there are perfectly portioned and timed action scenes. All of which are feral and violent just like the movie’s title! logan 2But they all seem natural and unforced in their placement. And when they kick in, they don’t leave much to the imagination! But the trek to the safe haven is the main plot point which takes you on a roller-coaster of emotion and hits hard when it peaks.

When the film was over, I was actually tired. There was so much to take in, not in terms of overblown effects and loud noises. A lot of emotion and genuine grief at what had happened. I felt like I had watched a lost Clint Eastwood or John Wayne movie about a lone gunslinger that is forced to throw on his gun belt one more time and do what’s right.  Except with uber-violence, visibly more swearing and mutants (well not as much as previous X-Men movies, but as I said I can’t say too much!). Extremely sad that Jackman is hanging up his claws but there was no better way to send him off! Anyway, enough from me, get out and go see this awesome Mutant Western. And bring tissues, lots of tissues!!

By Jamie T. Murphy


Events Happening in Wexford this Weekend.

Wildlife Activities – Creepy Crawlies

Saturday, 4th of March

In a joint venture between The Irish Agricultural Museum and Irish Wildlife Sanctuary, events relating to wildlife are being held in Johnstown Castle on the first Saturday of every month (11 a.m. to 1 p.m.). The events are aimed at children aged 5-12 years old. The event this weekend focuses on insects and creepy crawlies. After the bug hunt around Johnstown castle you will head back to the museum to create an ‘insect hotel’.

Booking in advance is essential and you can get tickets (€10 per child or €8 for family membership pass holders) fronm the reception desk at the Irish Agricultural Museum or by ringing 053 918 4671.

More info at:


Japa Mantra Meditation

Sunday, 5th of March

If you want to experience the benefits of meditation, head down to Spiritual Earth (Rocklands, Co. Wexford). Japa Mantra Meditation will benefit you physically, emotionally and spiritually. During the day at Japa Matra Meditation, you will hear all about how it has made a positive difference in people’s lives. Some of the benefits include restorative sleep, improved physical health, help in overcoming depression and anxiety and much more. To experience this wonderful activity for yourself and reap its benefits, book on the Facebook page at or by phoning 087 742 6380.

More info at:


Events over the Weekend in Wexfor

Hey all! If you have nothing to do this weekend, you’re in luck.

Fairy Hunt at Well’s House (Sunday, Feb 19)

Head on up to Wells House if you need want a great family day out this coming Sunday. The fun and ever popular Fairy Hunt is being held in Wells House. Follow the clues left by the fairies around the beautiful woods of Wells House. Exploring the beautiful Wells House is part of the fun, with its beautiful Great Victorian architecture and its wonderful gardens. Voted as the ‘Best Family Day Out by listeners of Today FM, you can’t go wrong with a day out there!  €8 per car.

More information at:

Two Day Bow Making Course at Heritage Park (Sat & Sun, Feb 18 & 19)

If you’re even slightly interested in archery then I think that we’ve found a course for you. A two day bow making course is being held in the Irish National Heritage Park with experienced bow-maker Mike Henderson. You will learn the history and art of bow making and the history of archery’s use in warfare and hunting. You will learn to make both the bow and string, through this practical and hands-on course. You will shape the bow and make string from the raw materials (all provided by the course including, equipment.) The course is €135 per person.

To book and for more information, go to:

Traditional Viking Stargazer Chair Making Course (Saturday, Feb 18)

Continuing on with the theme of making and crafting, we have this course where you will make a Stargazer Chair from Viking times. You will create this chair within the day under the guidance of Tommy Kelly, a master craftsman from Bevel Furniture/Wood-Working School. You will create this wonderful piece with hand tools and a plank of wood. The course costs €115 per person and you can book at:

By Sean Hynes




Sometimes the scariest or, depending on your situation the best news you can hear is the life changing words, “I’m pregnant.” This is how John Nichols’ powerful film, Loving opens, with Mildred (a phenomenal Ruth Negga… who’s one of our own, she was raised in Limerick, wan the parish!) declaring this statement to her partner Richard Loving (a bleached, but wonderful Joel Edgerton). And in one of many silent, but absolutely beautiful moments, he simply takes her hand, kisses her on the forehead and instantly reassures her. And then, Richard asks Mildred to marry him, she accepts and their marriage is met with a swift arrest as interracial marriage is illegal in Virginia and they are exiled from the place that they both grew up in.

In a clever change of pace, Nichols does not use the film as a platform for shouty, angry speeches, impassioned scenes of change, but instead tells the story of a couple who fell in love with each other and want to raise their family. There is no self-righteous, awards baiting speeches, just two people struggling to exist, survive and love each other in a time when their skin colour was deemed more important by those in power.

Mildred pens a letter to the then Attorney General, Robert F. Kennedy who defers the case to the American Civil Liberties Union. The union appeal to the couple and Richard reluctantly agrees to let them take over the case which ultimately leads all the way to the Supreme Court. This is a pivotal moment, not only in the story and the real life implications that the case would have on humanity, civil rights and the abolition of interracial marriage laws preventing it, but it is also a triumph as Richard does not care a jot for the implications, he just wants to love and raise his family.

The stand out scene is when the civil rights lawyer assigned to the case, a great Nick Kroll asks Richard if there is anything that he wants to say to the judge when they eventually get to the Supreme Court to which he replies, “Tell the judge I love my wife.” Absolutely perfect response. Richard is not a man of many words, he is a man who goes to work, comes home, kisses his wife and kids, eats dinner with them and then tucks them into bed. That one line answer is how he would have responded, from his blue collar heart.

The film goes at a gentle pace and draws wonderful performances from all the cast, the story is allowed to breathe at a natural rate and does not jar or use hype or impassioned speeches. A wonderful film that tells a lovely story about two humans who just wanted to love each other. Tremendous.

By Jamie T. Murphy

Back in Black…. And Yellow

76 years. 76 years of Batman punching bad guys, brooding, having shitloads of cool gadgets and general bad-assery. It is hard to find a figure that had endured as long in popular culture as The Dark Knight. We’re all very familiar with the story by now. Young child, Bruce Wayne accompanies his parents, Thomas and Martha Wayne to a screening of The Mask of Zorro. They leave the theatre and are gunned down by one of Gotham’s many criminals. The young Bruce vows to clean up his city and trains to become the ever present, ever vigilant silent guardian of Gotham City, Batman. And now he’s back in cinemas, in Lego form!

I’m going to put this out there. This is, in my humble opinion, the best Batman movie since The Dark Knight. The movie opens in hilarious fashion with Batman (a hilarious Will Arnett) narrating what we can see, “Black. All good, serious films start with black. And music, ominous, scary music…..” “This movie is brought to you by DC. The house that Batman built. You heard me Superman, come at me bro!!” There’s your tone for the whole movie. An affectionate, self referential addition to the Batman franchise.

There is so much to love in this movie. As mentioned already, Will Arnett nails the role of our big eared, narcissistic hero. And this is the crux of the story, and essentially the heart at the core of the movie. Batman is a loner, a strong entity that feels he can get by on his own without anyone’s help. The movie joyously sends up the much used image of Batman being a brooding, quiet loner and a gruff hero, ultimately a man’s man who just does what he has to do. Preferably on his own.

The Joker (Zach Galifianakis) tries to take over Gotham. And as is his wont, Batman shows up and puts a stop to his plan. In a glorious showdown, our two leads meet after a huge battle (of which there are many, which all utilize the wonder of building Lego to achieve master builds) and Joker decries Batman for being his “number one enemy” and that “he needs him, because we need each other.” Batman responds in typical bravado, “I don’t have a number one enemy. I fight a lot of villians, I like to fight around.” Joker is morally offended and upset and does not get the validation he needs. So he surrenders freely and this leaves Batman at a loose end and needing to focus on more important things.

Mainly the orphan, Dick Grayson (a charming turn by Michael Cera) who Bruce Wayne unwittingly adopts and invites himself to become Robin. This is where the movie hits a small dip. Overall the story is quite heartening and ultimately it shows a character grow while all the time not changing dramatically. And ultimately sends out a message of the importance of family and indeed friendship. A strong 40 minutes, a weak twenty and then a lovely bright finish.

There are numerous references to the Batman franchise. Visually, aurally and there are lovely nods to the different actors who played The Dark Knight. This movie is aimed at kids but it is an adult’s movie. Very clever, bright and loud and as a love letter to the franchise, it is a valuable addition. And if you’ve forgotten, a character in the movie reminds us, well me specifically how much Batman means to people, when he roars lovingly, “Hey, Batman. I love you more than my kids!”

By Jamie T. Murphy