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Wexford Literary Festival Live 2020 July 2nd – 3rd

Wexford Literary Festival 3rd-5th July, taking place via zoom this year. This is the only festival taking part this summer in Wexford during a time when there is usually an abundance festival taking place.

It is quite a unique festival featuring awards programmes such as Colm Tóibín International Short Story Award, Anthony Cronin International Poetry Award, Billy Roche International Short Play Award and most recent Cursed Murphy  Spoken Word Award.

This years programme outreaches globally via Zoom in partnership with Wexford Arts Centre with award-winning Colum McCann in conversation with Peter Murphy about his critically acclaimed new novel Apeirogon with participation in the conversation from Bassam Aramin (Palestine) and Rami Elhanan (Israel), the fathers united in grief from the loss of their young daughters in the conflict between two nations are central to the storyline with Apeirogon.

“It seems that the Wexford Literary Festival is really beginning to come into its own. Not only does it provide some really fascinating talks and workshops with authors and people in the publishing industry, but it has also spawned its own community. People return to Enniscorthy each year especially for the event, joining new festival-goers and meeting even more new people. In fact, at the Literary Festival, it’s entirely possible that you could find yourself chatting over a cup of coffee to a multi-award winning, multi-million selling author without even realising it! “.

Our on-line Festival demonstrates our core values of being: Ambitious, Quality, Engaging, Inspiring, Inclusive, Collaborative, Supporting and Encouraging, Passionate for Literature.

We are delighted to build on last years expansion into Wexford Town with Wexford Arts Centre, our Box Office and host of our ’Zoom events’ to include: The Cáca Milis Cabaret Wexlit Cabaret hosted by Helena Mulkerns includes an eclecticupWexford literartiTóibín and Eoin Colfer, music by The Man Whom and Tango with Hernán Catvin.

A new addition to this years programme it the event ‘Litmania, Readings Live from Wexford Authors’ broadcast from Red Books Wexford.

Programme of Events:

Also featuring in the festival is an exploration of ‘What’s in a Name’ with Fintan MurphyDr Conchubhar Ó Crualaoich, Michael Fortune and Nicky Rossiter, discussing the origins of the names of Wexford Townlands and personal names: Old Irish meanings, Norse foundations and more making history a live experience, through words.

As the festival crosses over 4th July Independence day in USRose Thornton, from Chicago, a spoken word artist, culture journalist, event organiser, RTÉ radio and television broadcaster founder of the inaugural Black History Month Irelanddiscusses the current threat to independence and the current rise of #blacklivesmatters demonstrations in the US and across the world.

Spoken Word performers participating includeCursed Murphy, Stephen James Smith, Elizabeth McGeown, John Cummins, Cormac Lally. Younger tweens/teens can join a virtual comic bookwithRoche highly acclaimed Marvel comic book writer and artist.

Internationally Bestselling author Carmel Harrington in Conversation & Cocktails with Sheila Forsey and Maria Nolan, or learn about crime writing with Andrea Mara and Jane Ryan. Louis de Paor leads a poetry workshop and Eamonn Wall joins from the US a panel of Wexford poets for readings.

For the first time, we are including 24/7 running literary works, featuring Film, Poetry, Short Story and Plays in partnership with SETV.IE.

Our festival has given a voice and a forum to new and emerging literary talents and we are pleased with the success many of them have achieved particularly past committee members – Carmel Harrington, Shane Dunphy, Caroline Busher, Cat Hogan, Adele O`Neill, Tina O Callaghan, and Sheila Forsey. A new voice we are including will be Ali Stewart and Caroline O’Leary, ISL interpreters for our Awards Event.

This is an exciting dynamic “virtual live literature” experience not to be missed.

For more information on the terrific line up of events visit:,





The Informer  

The Rolling Stones once sang in Sympathy for the Devil that ‘’every cop is a criminal’’, which is true in the case of undercover operatives. Tensions are high as they establish trust and navigate their way through the criminal fraternity, a source of real-life drama that translates well into police movies and TV series. The Informer was based on the novel Three Seconds by Rosland and Hellstrom.

Piotr Koslow (Joel Kinnaman) was a decorated veteran of the Gulf War; before he was he was arrested for manslaughter and sentenced to 15 years in Bale Hill prison before the Feds approached him with an offer. They recruit him to infiltrate the Polish mafia and collect enough evidence to bring down their whole operation. But a routine deal goes awry when the buyer is revealed to be an undercover agent for the NYPD, who is shot dead.

The ‘’General’’ of the Polish mafia orders Koslow to break his parole and get sentenced back to Bale Hill, and working from the inside to smuggle synthetic heroin into the prison to the inmates, getting them hooked and giving the General his army. Consulting with his handler Wilcox (Rosamund Pike), Koslow is ordered to go along with the Generals plan, providing the FBI with the proof to bury the mafia. Wilcox reassures Koslow that his wife Sofia (Ana de Armas) and their daughter will be safe while he’s on the inside.

Explaining the plan to Sofia, Koslow is arrested and sent back to Bale Hill. Complicating things is NYPD Detective Gren (Common) investigating the death of his undercover operative and role Koslow played in it. Making matters worse, when the plan begins to show cracks, Wilcox’s superior Montgomery (Clive Owen) orders her to burn Koslow and leave him out to dry. With his options running out, Koslow must survive and find his own escape plan.

The Informer is a gritty undercover drama that gets into the layers of deception that goes into operations like these, without forgetting the human cost both physical and emotional.

By Daniel Murphy

The Predator  

The hunt for a new installment of the classic Predator franchise is over, and how appropriate that Shane Black, the Predator’s first victim in the 1987 original, be the one to capture the exploits of the Galaxies Deadliest Game.

One-upping the opening of the first Predator, this time a space dogfight between two Predator spaceships introduces us to the conflict. The smaller ship escapes to Earth and jettisons its cargo before its occupant ejects himself. Cut over to Mexico, sniper Quinn McKenna (Boyd Halbrook) is on a mission when he sees the Predator ship crash land. Investigating the site he finds a bracer and mask as is unit is attacked by the Predator. McKenna survives the encounter, and sends the technology in a package to his wife and son.

Biologist Casey Bracket (Olivia Munn) is recruited by Project: Stargazer and agent Will Traeger (Sterling K Brown) to study the body of the captured Predator, discovering it is a hybrid with a human genome. Meanwhile McKenna is detained and transported onboard a prison bus along with other veterans in ‘’group therapy’’, Nebraska (Trevante Rhoder), Coyle (Keaghan Michael Key), Baxley (Thomas Jane), Lynch (Alfie Allen) and Nettles (Augusto Aguilera).

The Hybrid Predator awakens and escapes, killing all Stargazer staff, but sparing Casey because she was unarmed.  McKenna and the vets take control of the bus and they meet up with Casey as they escape Stargazer in pursuit of the Predator. Meanwhile McKenna’s son Rory, a savant, decodes the Predators technology as the second Predator ship emerges in pursuit of the Hybrid. As Traeger hunts for the Predator technology, McKenna find Rory before the Predator can, all the while caught in a life or death struggle between the Hybrid and the physically and technologically superior Super Predator.

The Predator certainly tries to live up to the original, and while it may not succeed in that regard it is a very ambitious, adding new layers to the mythology and giving us a deeper insight to the Predator’s and their culture. As expected, the Predators execute some creative kills chalked full of gore and blood, and you’ll be rooting for the underdog humanity all the way through.

(I’ve always wondered, what do female Predators look like, and are they bigger or smaller ,and do they participate in hunting?)

By Daniel Murphy


International Women’s Day 2018

International Women’s Day 2018 is upon us and the women of the world are coming together in supporting each other.

Women can be their own worst enemy and can be the first to judge their own sex and their achievements. But today women ate feeling empowered and strong in their beliefs, mentally, physically and eachother.






Repeal the 8th march today in Dublin at 5.30pm beginning at the ‘Garden of Remembrance’. View link for more details on events







#MeToo protests are taking place sthrough out the world.  All opportunities should be forfilled through equality and ability with no regard for gender, race, sexual orientation, religious belief, cultural standing and social status.  

As worn by actress Emma Watson in pink lady style ‘Girls just wanna have fundamental human rights’.

#WomenSupportWomen #IWD2018

Golden 50th Strawberry & Street Rhythms Events!

This year is the Golden 50th Strawberry Fair Festival, one of the countries longest running enniscorthy-strawberry-rhythms-logorural town Festival!  Celebrating the harvest of Strawberries with Wheelock fruits, Enniscorthy.  The Strawberry Fair has joined forces with Enniscorthy Street Rhythms and Dance Festival along with The Strawberry Roots Festival filling up most public venues with over 30 free gigs!!!!!

Fabulous Fundraisers to Attend the Glitz & Glam fundraiser, hosted FacesbyGrace and Dominique Nugent. The ladies will run us through detailed night time and daytime hair and makeup looks. Runaway Bride and Millinery Madness will showcase their latest pieces toglitz and glam their collections. Goody bags will be provided for all guests attending. The night will finish with a Q & A session from both Grace and Dominique. A night not to be missed!  held in the Riverside Park Hotel, Enniscorthy on Thursday May 31st from 8pm – 11pm tickets available on the Strawberry Festival facebook link page 

As most people from Enniscorthy know the Title of the Strawberry Queen is a traditional honor and being crowned this years 50th Strawberry Queen will be history made.  The SF committee are contacting past SF Queen winners to attend the ‘Golden Strawberry Fair Ball’ along with other events they have lined up.  The SF Golden Ball will be held in the Riverside Park Hotel on Wednesday May 31st with a 4 course meal along with local band Wrecking Ball performing and late night DJ, keep an eye out on the SF Facebook and all local papers for updates.

Thursday 1st of June the ‘Mad Hatter’ Race Night at the dog track will be a competitive affair. Milliners from the South East will sponsor a princess with a head piece for a cash prize, along with spot prizes for best dress hat for the public of all age groups so get crafting or dusting. sponsored by Enniscorthy Greyhound Company.  Also on the night Glenbrien primary school will also be hosting a benefit night to buy tickets contact

50th Festival Opening Ceremony on Friday June 2nd

Will be held in the Market Place at 7pm.  Jimmy Gahan will MC on the evening along with formerbrochure RTÉ News Presenter and Wexford Ambassador Anne Doyle.  They will both be reliving memories of previous festivals with past winning Queens, there will be a performance from the Street Rhythms along with the winning act from the Strawberry Pub Talent Competition followed by The Gentlemen Callers.  Also, The Strawberry Roots Festival will be taking place in Pubs throughout the town

Saturday 2nd 

Enniscorthy Street Rhythms will be entertaining in the Market Square from 12 – 6pm with lots of jojk_willy_wonka_golden_ticket_tin_signfun and colorful acts for families.  Craft stalls will be located on Rafter Street.  Abbey Square will host Vintage amusements including a Carousel vintage car showand Ferris Wheel.  Take a stroll along the Promenade and enjoy the sights of the Vintage Car Show.

On the Main Stage in the Market Square from 7pm – 8pm this years Strawberry Princesses will be interviewed followed by Corner boy at 8.30pm – 10.30pm.  Continued entertainment with the Strawberry Roots in most Pubs.

Sunday 4th 

Enniscorthy Street Rhythms from 12.30 – 6pm will take place in Enniscorthy Castle & grounds,jojk_willy_wonka_golden_ticket_tin_sign Castle Street, Rafter Street, Market Square.  1.30 – 3pm Jazz and Swing performance by Paris Swing.  So much fun for the kids and family at 5pm winners who found the golden ticket in local businesses will be announced to Join Willy Wonka and his fairytale friends by taking a journey through his factory.  So much more including bucking bronco, inflatable games, sumo suits, juggling, comedy, balancing acts and of course dancing.

Craft Stalls will be located on Rafter Street along with the All Ireland Farmers Market taking place in Abbey Square.  The crowning of the 50th Queen will take place at 8.00pm in the Market Square and then top the Festival off successful 80’s Wexford band ‘Cry Before Dawn‘ will perform with The Strawberry Roots throughout the Pubs.

Street closures will take place on the Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd June from 7.00pm to 12.00pmstrawberry roots 1 to cater for the music acts in the evening performing in the market square.  On Sunday the 4th  the evening street closures from 12.00pm to 24.00pm to cater for day time street events and evening music with a second closure on part of the promenade  from 12.00pm to 16.00pm to facilitate  the classic cars exhibit.

This will hopefully be a great 50th Strawberry Fair this year joined by Street Rhythms will be a great one.  The weather is to be warm with a few showers and the Sunday showing Sun.

Entertainment this Weekend

Hello folks, SETV.IE here with whats happening this weekend from Dublin to the sunny South East.  The best news is that the weather is to stay sunny and the temperature hitting 12 degrees, time to get the factor out.

Looking for somewhere to bring the family or for entertainment.  The Five Lamps Arts Festival is still happening at the heart of an inner-city community.  The Five Lamps dating since the 1800’s stand on an island at the junction of Portland Row, North Strand Road, Seville Place, Amiens Street and Killarney Street in Dublin’s north inner-city. Celebrating art, artists, performers and community. share

Dublin’s annual Feisceoil festival is on now, promoting all genres of Irish traditional music. Always worth seeCheck site for details

Mountains to Sea DLR Book Festival 2016 will take place from March 9th to 13th, with events for readers of all ages and interests.

The Wexford Drama festival is happening this week find details on facebook.  Looking for entertainment in the Sunny South East you will always find live bands in Kitty Daly’s and Paddy Blues in Gorey.  In Wexford town the Thomas Moore, Maggie May’s, Metro17 and the Sky and the Ground never fail to entertain. In Enniscorthy, Traceys Hotel, The Bailey and Wilson’s have great live and traditional bands along with Art exhibitions in the local Art and Presentation Centres.

Enjoy and update soon #PlatformingPeople

Bank Holiday!

Hello everybody! here to tell you what’s happening this weekend.  Bray Summerfest still continues on the seafront open daily from 12 noon with Funfair & Kidszone along with Iconic Smash Hits performing on the Bandstand from 2pm on Sunday followed by Fireworks display on Monday the 3rd. Well worth heading to on the dart from Dublin or driving up to for entertainment & family fun.

If you find yourself wondering through Wexford town or Wells Garden, hook head, Kilmore Quay, Rosslare and come across Artists painting for the ‘Art in the Open’ festival if your interested wonder over and ask a few questions or just admire.

SprOg (Gross Gory Guts) Science festival is happening in Waterford this weekend lots of interesting and fun activities for families and anyone to watch or participate in along with education to get the brain Juices going.

This weekend in Enniscorthy, Co Wexford is holding it’s sixth annual Rock ‘n’ Roll festival The festival is focused on 1950’s Rock ‘n’ Roll, Rockabilly and Rhythm ‘n’ Blues music and attracts visitors from all over Ireland and across Europe. On the Friday in the town square, Greece will be showing on a big screen along with a dance floor, so you can dance to the songs.

Also in Enniscorthy on the Sunday the 1798 Battle re-enactment, explains the course of the most significant battle to take place during the 1798 Rebellion in Wexford. We recall the 30,000 men, women and children (20,000 rebels and 10,000 of the crown forces) who were on Vinegar Hill on that day in 1798.

Now for the weather, Friday showing in Dublin and the Southeast, showers.  Dublin showing showers on Saturday and cloudy on Sunday, The Southeast showing cloudy for Saturday and Sunday.

Loads to do and get involved with the weekend, enjoy and view #PlatformingPeople