SETV.IE are aware of the regularity and legal requirements involved. Our record and Kudos of positive engagement with people whom we work with and those we work for, is Vital to our culture as a progressive Company. Idea’s and creative solutions are at the center of SETV.IE. Safety; Approachable; Confidentiality; Creativity; Quality; Efficiency and Respect are the principals of our Vision as individuals and a company. We believe we are in a position to provide following services and solutions.

  • Develop a relationship with clients and their Requirements.
  • Consultation service for media opportunities you may wish to explore.
  • Produce Corporate advertisements for online, social Media and Television Platforms.
  • Produce testimonials induction and tutorial videos.
  • Provide sound, music scores and voice overs including radio.
  • Live and real time audio visual recording of conference and events.

SETV.IE are Approachable and affordable, so just phone or mail us

Colum Donagher, Managing Director, SETV.IE

T: 0876715612, E:,